Apr 27, 2024

News broke last week that strikes at the core of free speech for marriage supporters. Finnish MP Päivi Räsänen faces yet more legal challenge due to her outspoken beliefs on real marriage. Päivi gave me a few moments to talk about these new developments, and the possible motives behind her prosecution. Please listen to her gracious responses here.

Päivi, a committed Christian and former Minister of the Interior, authored a pamphlet advocating for man/woman marriage and against same-sex marriage. Years later, her critical stance on her church’s support for Pride celebrations sparked legal action against her for alleged hate speech. Despite being acquitted unanimously at both district and appellate courts, the state prosecutor has persisted in escalating the matter to the Finnish Supreme Court.

This relentless pursuit raises profound questions about the motives behind limiting such expressions of belief. Päivi tells me the prosecutor is trying to test the borders of freedom of speech. This highlights a potentially alarming trend where expressing socially conservative views could lead to legal consequences.

The implications extend beyond Päivi Räsänen’s Christian faith, and touch all who advocate for the preservation of man/woman marriage and the rights to free speech more generally. Her courage in the face of these challenges serves as a reminder of the importance of standing firm in our convictions.

C4M knows that promoting real marriage lies at the heart of a free and flourishing society. We must stand up to those who seek to criminalise such views and destroy the notion of traditional family.