Interview: ‘Take a stand and be absolutely resolute’ – Bishop Stuart Bell

Sep 16, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to interview Bishop Stuart Bell, formerly of the Church in Wales. A stalwart defender of traditional one-man one-woman marriage, Bishop Bell’s insights into the changing landscape of marriage are profound. You can watch our full discussion here.

After 51 years of service, Bishop Bell says the Church in Wales made a choice to turn its “back on the Bible and go with contemporary culture”. Such a shift, he believes, is of the magnitude of “the Reformation 500 years ago”.

The urgency with which marriage is being undermined cannot be understated, he says: “it’s being promoted at government level and it’s being promoted by the media”. With trends escalating, he warns, “if we think that this is bad just hold on for another 25 years and see what it’s like by then”.

He adds, “we are being seriously misled by people whose hearts are set on anarchy and nihilism,” seeking to dismantle the family structure. It’s paramount, Bell urges, to take a stand and be “absolutely resolute”.

The Bishop points out that the issue of marriage is not solely a religious matter and that his pro-marriage values can be shared by those who don’t share his faith.

For those disheartened by their church’s stance, Bishop Bell advises them to “feel the pain” as one would a bereavement, then seek “a place of fellowship and security” among like-minded believers.

At C4M, we fight daily against the forces that would undermine the importance of marriage. With your unwavering support, we will work to restore real marriage to its rightful place in society.