May 25, 2024

I was pleased to host a recent interview with Mary Eberstadt, prominent author and scholar known for her critical analysis of the sexual revolution and its impact on marriage and culture. To delve deeper into her insights, you can watch the full discussion online here.

Mary highlights the unique and irreplaceable benefits of one-man, one-woman marriage, underlining its role in fostering stable and thriving societies. She stresses: “What is making the people in our upper classes thrive very often is that they are living in stable situations anchored by marriage”. This stability, she argues, is foundational not just for individuals but for society at large.

She points to alarming trends such as the rise in loneliness, psychiatric issues among children, and the increasing unhappiness of women since the sexual revolution. These issues, Mary notes, are intricately linked to the erosion of family structures and the diminishing regard for marriage. “Many people don’t understand anymore why people lived in families to begin with”, she observes, adding that society is experiencing “a forgetting of elemental human truths” about family life.

Mary discusses the significant social and economic disparities linked to marriage backed up by research showing that 90% of the wealthiest mums are married, while only 20% of the poorest mums are married.

It is crucial, Mary goes on, to continue highlighting these truths and advocating for policies that support and promote the traditional family structure. By demonstrating the tangible benefits of stable marriages, we can inspire more people to embrace this vital institution.

Mary joins a growing number of leading thinkers and influencers, who are eager to provide a compelling argument for the importance of real marriage in maintaining a healthy and prosperous nation.

At C4M we’re convinced by the data showing man-woman marriage as key to a flourishing society. We look forward to Government and mainstream media following this example set by our leading thinkers.