Mar 20, 2024

Scotland has launched a “complete attack on parenting”, according to Joanna Cook of The Christian Institute. Joanna explains the significant concerns surrounding the Scottish Government’s proposed conversion practices law, urging us to take part in the consultation before 2nd April. She says these proposals could infringe upon the rights of individuals championing real marriage because they “target behaviour that is not threatening or abusive”, thereby criminalising commonplace expressions of belief and parenting. Please take some time to listen to our full discussion here:

The legislation’s scope, as Joanna points out, is alarmingly extensive, with the capacity to misinterpret “normal everyday parenting” as an offence. She exemplifies the potential repercussions for families, noting, “if you think about a mum who stops her 12-year-old son from going to school in a dress and makeup on more than one occasion, well that would meet the threshold of the offence”. Such instances underline the dire implications for those advocating for man/woman marriage and related principles.

Moreover, Joanna’s insights reveal the flawed definition of harm within the proposals, encompassing “distress” from discussions on sexual ethics and gender. This vague criterion drastically escalates the risk of criminalising individuals for simply sharing their beliefs on marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

These proposals stand to affect not just a few but could potentially criminalise most ordinary parents across society, challenging the very fabric of family life and freedom of belief. Joanna says other organisations are mobilising thousands of their supporters to back the proposals. It’s therefore imperative, she says, for all marriage supporters, especially those in Scotland, to comprehend the gravity of these proposals and their far-reaching implications on the sanctity of real marriage.

For those in Scotland, there’s an urgent call to action. You can follow this link to access guidelines on how to effectively respond to these proposals. Your voice is crucial in safeguarding the principles we hold dear.

Instead of attempting to criminalise those who support man/woman marriage, C4M urge the Scottish government to champion the institution that everyone knows brings about best outcomes for children, adults and wider society – real marriage. Why would any administration seek to undermine that which improves the lives of individuals and families?