Nov 4, 2023

At 97 years old, Rev Dr Clifford Hill has sought to influence UK legislation for the benefit of children and families. An ordained minister and a sociologist, he sat down with me to discuss the significance of marriage between one man and one woman. Amid a culture where emotional narratives often eclipse hard facts, our conversation prioritises empirical evidence. You can watch the complete video here.

Dr Hill’s expertise includes research indicating that “marriage is the safest environment for bringing up children”. He highlights the disturbing statistic that when the man present in the home is not the biological father, “children are six times as likely to be exposed to sexual exploitation”. These findings underscore the immediate relevance of promoting marriage as the cornerstone of child protection policies.

Addressing the surge in mental health issues among young people, Dr Hill unequivocally states that “most of these come from family breakdowns”. The alarming point is that politicians, despite having access to these statistics, have not acted decisively. “It is so amazing that politicians have not embraced this,” laments Dr Hill. The life chances of children from fractured homes are “undoubtedly poorer than those who have a secure background”.

Reflecting on the Church’s role in societal issues, Dr Hill recounts a moment in July 2000 when bishops in the House of Lords voted against a proposal that would have included teaching on monogamy and marriage in educational curricula. Dr Hill finds this vote baffling, stating: “For the church to vote against telling children that marriage is the safest form of family life, is just unbelievable really.”

At C4M, we recognise the substantial evidence that underscores the societal benefits of real marriage. It’s time for this data to challenge existing narratives and lay the foundation for a more stable, healthier society for future generations.