Interview: Pro-marriage policy initiatives from Lyman Stone

Sep 9, 2023

Last week’s interview with Lyman Stone, a senior researcher at the Institute of Family Studies, focused on the decline in birth rates and the pivotal role of marriage as a solution. In today’s compelling follow-up, Lyman delves into the challenges facing marriage rates and suggests transformative policy initiatives to address them. Make sure to watch this invaluable discussion in its entirety here.

Lyman affirms that “marriage rates are declining all around the world”. But one of the most revealing aspects of the conversation highlights pro-marriage policies in countries like Hungary. Lyman states unequivocally that “policy works”, arguing that meaningful legislative changes can increase marriage rates.

Lyman is critical of systems that penalise mothers who wish to raise several children at home. He laments the paradigm shift that means marriage and family are no longer a cornerstone on which people build their lives.

Lyman offers his top policy initiatives, including eliminating marriage penalties in the benefits and tax system.

At C4M, we recognise the profound implications of failing to advocate for real marriage. Informed by extensive evidence, it’s clear that growing up with your married mum and dad fosters the most resilient and well-adjusted next generation. That’s why we call on every political party to elevate the promotion of real marriage to a central position in their manifesto pledges, as this offers the best chance for collective flourishing and enduring prosperity.