Interview: Maureen Martin

Aug 6, 2022

Since sharing the story of Maureen Martin, sacked for publicly backing one man, one woman marriage, some of you got in touch, encouraging an interview to hear more about her experience.

Maureen tells me how she worked for a boss who “boasted” about her organisation being one of the 100 Top Stonewall Employers. While standing in a local Mayoral election, Maureen became “attacked by what can only be described as a Twitter mob”, after her election leaflet was sent to more than 200,000 people. Why? Because the leaflet mentioned Maureen’s support for natural one man, one woman marriage.

She explains how her employer fired her after 13 year “exemplary record” following three complaints. Maureen contends that she was subjected to a “sham investigation”.

Although a Christian, Maureen says her case is important to everyone whatever their case because, “It’s all about free speech. It’s all about the freedom to practice our religion and freedom of expression”.

Backed by the Christian Legal Centre, Maureen says she is hoping to set a precedent in her case, “to help others going forward”.

C4M exist to promote one man, one woman marriage – the relationship gold standard. No other family type has been proven time and time again to benefit women, men, children and wider society, as much as natural marriage.