Interview: Latest research on marriage and happiness

Sep 30, 2023

Professor W. Bradley Wilcox, a renowned expert in family studies, joins me to discuss gripping new research on the importance of marriage and family for societal well-being. These findings, published by the Institute for Family Studies, have significant implications for family policy.

A recent report titled ‘Do Two Parents Matter More Than Ever?’ argues that an intact family is increasingly essential for the financial, social, and emotional well-being of children. Even more telling, data reveals that men and women who are married and have children are the most likely to report being “very happy”.

Brad underscores a critical notion that runs counter to popular belief: focusing solely on financial gains is a dead-end road when it comes to achieving happiness. Instead, he asserts that “the top predictor of happiness for people is a good marriage”.

What’s particularly compelling is Brad’s observation about the hypocrisy among societal elites. He notes that many publicly advocate liberal views on relationships while privately maintaining strong family bonds.

Brad emphasises that “strong families don’t just benefit individuals … they benefit entire communities”. Therefore, he argues that more attention needs to be given to sustaining the institution of marriage and family, which he believes has never been more crucial for individual happiness and societal well-being.

At C4M, we are committed to championing real marriage. The overwhelming data confirms it remains the gold standard for relationships and its societal value is beyond question.