Apr 6, 2024

Trans ideology challenges the fundamental definition of man/woman marriage. Dr Miriam Grossman, a leading US psychiatrist and author of ‘Lost in Trans Nation’, has testified at both the US Congress and the United Nations. She joins me to delve into the issues surrounding marriage and gender identity. Her interview explores the societal challenges we face and is available here.

Dr Grossman underlines the immutable truth that “from the moment of conception… that new life is either male or female… and that is permanent”. She debunks the “faulty, low quality” evidence on which trans ideology is based, highlighting the harm caused by medicalising gender identity for children.

Families are being “ambushed” by trans activism but Dr Grossman stresses the importance of safeguarding children from indoctrination.

Her highly practical book offers helpful counselling tips for parents and pragmatic recommendations for policymakers. She advises affirming children’s emotions while challenging their beliefs about gender identity. Parents are urged against letting providers of so-called ‘gender affirming’ care have access to their children.

Despite challenges posed by activists within professional organisations, Dr Grossman remains optimistic. She asserts, “this thing is turning around day by day… the evidence against it is formidable”. But, she says, more individuals need to stand up and speak out against harmful gender ideology.

C4M knows that undermining real marriage, including portraying gender as a social construct, leads to societal chaos. We urge the Government to ban such harmful ideologies in schools and beyond, protecting children and families from the harm it causes.