May 4, 2024

Roger Kiska of the Christian Legal Centre sat down with me to elaborate on his recent article giving advice for those who champion man/woman marriage. The full discussion is worth listening to and can be found here.

Roger reminds us that, “as an employee, you don’t check your rights at the door”. He confirms that individuals are entitled to uphold and express their views on marriage and related issues at their workplace. His guidance is clear: “We all have the right to share our views and hold them.”

For those facing workplace repercussions for their stance on real marriage issues, Roger offers practical advice on addressing these challenges legally and ethically. He stresses the importance of documenting instances where beliefs may have led to unfair treatment and consulting with legal experts to protect one’s rights.

Our conversation extends to the educational sector, providing guidance for teachers and parents navigating topics of marriage and sexuality within schools. This includes how to handle curriculum conflicts and promote an understanding of man/woman marriage values respectfully and legally.

C4M knows that advocating for real marriage is not only a legal right but a moral imperative. The well-being of adults and the healthy development of children make this topic deserving of central focus in a flourishing society.