Jun 1, 2024

Vincenzo Bassi, is the President of FAFCE, an organisation championing family as the basis of civil society, operating at the heart of the Council of Europe. As we approach the European Elections (6-9 June), Vincenzo joins me to discuss the challenges and importance of promoting one man, one woman marriage to the highest levels of power. I encourage you to listen right to the end of our discussion, which is available here.

Vincenzo tells me his organisation is the lone voice representing family values at the highest levels in Europe. He underlines the uniqueness and societal value of real marriage and laments the cultural shift that has undermined its importance.

A key point Vincenzo raises is the increase in loneliness, which he describes as “the worst sickness of society”. He emphasises the need for community and family networks, asserting that the family “cannot be substituted by the State”. Vincenzo also explores the idea that promoting individualism over family unity makes society easier to control.

Our discussion touches on the economic and social roles of the family. Vincenzo tells us that the word ‘economy’ is derived from a Greek term meaning “management of family”. He highlights how stable families contribute to societal stability and economic prosperity.

Finally, Vincenzo calls for collective efforts to support and promote the value of families. He points out that although his organisation is the only one representing family issues at the European level, a united voice from family networks across Europe could create a significant impact.

C4M knows that supporting real marriage is vital for a strong and healthy society. It mitigates loneliness and brings unparalleled benefits to adults, children and wider culture. A collective effort is necessary to promote and protect real marriage and the crucial economic and social benefits that traditional family models deliver. If you or your organisation is interested in finding out more, do get in touch.