Interview: Ann Widdecombe on keeping marriage from minority status

Jun 8, 2024

How do we recover real marriage from minority status in society? Former government minister Ann Widdecombe outlines her predictions that have come to pass and offers suggestions for restoring the truth around marriage. Our full discussion is available to watch here.

Ann reflects on warnings she gave during the campaign to redefine marriage, and the subsequent societal changes. While acknowledging that marriage was already in decline, Ann emphasises that the legalisation of same-sex marriage acted as a catalyst, exacerbating the trend. Today, most births occur outside of marriage, and cohabitation rates have surged.

Ann discusses the broader implications of redefining marriage, which have surpassed even her most dire predictions. “Once you redefine marriage once… you can do it again,” she warns. The erosion of traditional parenthood roles, the rise of polyamory, and the advent of no-fault divorce are all consequences she foresaw. The reality has indeed confirmed her fears, with changes such as the removal of sex-based terms and the confusion over gender roles now commonplace.

She addresses the impact on religious freedoms, particularly within the Church of England, where a deepening split exists over conducting and blessing same-sex marriages. Ann warns that the Church may eventually relinquish its protections against performing these ceremonies, which could precipitate a broader crisis within the faith community.

Education and freedom of expression are also significant concerns. Ann highlights how teachers and other professionals face pressures and persecution for upholding traditional views on marriage. She emphasises the importance of collective courage, stating “if enough people take a stand… there is safety in numbers.”

Despite the challenges, Ann remains hopeful and urges individuals to speak up and defend their beliefs. She believes that maintaining the traditional definition of marriage benefits society as a whole, fostering stable families and communities. Ann concludes by stressing that the path forward lies in collective action and unwavering commitment to the principles of real marriage.

C4M’s tens of thousands of supporters are committed to championing one-man, one-woman marriage. Ann Widdecombe’s call to collective action reflects our determination to stand firm in our beliefs and advocate for policies that uphold the sanctity of marriage, regardless of which party wins the election.