Interview: Alex Story – we have to fight back against “legalised insanity”

Nov 26, 2022

Former Olympic rower Alex Story has written for several national media publications, and is a strong supporter of man-woman marriage. We spoke together about his “privilege” of growing up with a married mum and dad, and his views on what’s behind today’s attempts to “abolish the family”.

“We’ve got all the facts”, Alex states, “we know that a mum and a dad lead to a fundamentally more stable family structure”. Marriage should never have been “redefined”, he goes on, “we should never accept it”.

Alex, who has been a Conservative candidate says there is “a direct frontal attack” on our humanity. A “very powerful but small and very shallow group of human beings”, he goes on, have “taken control of the NGOs, the corporate world through the HR departments … most of the universities and much of the media”. But “whatever the media might say, we all come from one man and one woman”.

“They assume that they know better”, Alex says, but “they are always wrong”. “We can see the results – less discipline in schools, more crime” etc. It’s policy driven on purpose, because family is “the well that sprinkles on the traditional grounds”.

On the trans debate, Alex says, “our leaders who are pushing this” know it to be “legalised insanity”. “It’s crucial”, he says, “that we do not allow ourselves to be shunted aside by people who try to redefine words”.

Advising on how we defeat the attack on marriage and family, Alex concludes, “there’s been an establishment capture of the sinews of state”, and “we have to fight back”.

C4M exists to fight that fight – along with Alex and all our supporters. With your help, we will continue to stand for man-woman marriage as the foundation of society, and the stabilising bedrock of a thriving civilisation. Thank you for standing with us.