Help “stop the decay” of society by promoting real marriage

May 27, 2023

The significance of man-woman marriage to the fabric of our society is emphasised by respected writer and speaker Dr Stephen McQuoid, in our recent interview. His insights are enlightening and give us a guide to bolstering our society by promoting marriage.

Referring to his highly relevant book, ‘In His Image: A Biblical Introduction to Social Ethics’, Dr McQuoid paints a vivid picture of marriage’s indispensable role in societal health and harmony. Defending marriage from a historic biblical point of view, the book is a treasure trove of wisdom, relatable not just to individuals of faith but to anyone vested in the well-being of our society.

Dr McQuoid’s analysis reveals a stark link between the decline in traditional marriage and the increase in social deprivation. He poses a fundamental question – “How can you function as a society unless there are boundaries and limitations?” Through this lens, we see the importance of commitment, loyalty, and fidelity within marriage – values that foster stability and create a solid foundation for societal growth.

Drawing from his experiences, Dr McQuoid says, “marriage is of such importance … it’s [an] utter commitment of loyalty and fidelity to [a] person … it’s a solemn commitment that you make to this individual that you’ll commit yourself for life to this person”.

Our individual role in strengthening society through the promotion of marriage cannot be overstated. Dr McQuoid’s words offer a compelling argument for involvement in this vital cause. The future of our society relies on our collective efforts to uphold and reiterate the value of marriage. This interview is a must-share with any person in your circle who values the institution of marriage!

At C4M we know that man-woman marriage is the stabilising bedrock of society. While some would seek to undermine real marriage, we know that, acting together, our voices of support will prevail.