Govt publishes quickie divorce bill

Jun 18, 2019

The Government’s ‘no-fault’ divorce Bill makes getting out of your marriage easier than ending a mobile phone contract.

It’s a shocking read for anyone who cares about marriage.

– In 2017, 42,000 divorces were on the basis of at least two years’ separation before proceedings could start. Under the Bill, separation is scrapped. Divorce will be automatic after six months.

– 58,000 divorces in 2017 were on the basis of a fault such as adultery. These fault grounds will be scrapped.

– A victim of adultery or domestic violence will not be able to cite their spouse’s conduct as the reason for the divorce.

– Under the Bill divorce proceedings can be pushed through in as little as six months. The Government will have power to make them even quicker. Its pilot scheme cut the time to 12 weeks.

– The legislation abolishes all differences in divorce between traditional marriage and a same-sex marriage.

We are studying the Bill carefully but in the meantime, it’s important to speak out.

Please raise some of the points below in conversation and on social media.

– Marriage vows matter. These plans trivialise marriage promises. They also create instability and uncertainty in marriage.

– Research overwhelmingly shows that children normally fare better in married households compared to those in broken homes. Making divorce even easier is not in the interests of children.

– Divorce proceedings are dropped every year as couples decide to stick together – no-fault divorce makes it much harder to reconcile.