Government ‘powerless’ to protect teachers

Jan 25, 2013

Today’s Daily Telegraph front page reports that the government is powerless to stop teachers being sacked if they refuse to endorse same-sex marriage. A senior source close to Education Secretary Michael Gove said Britain was “not in control” and European judges may have the final say. It’s appalling that the Government has known this privately, but kept it hidden from the public.

In more bad news for the Government, The Times website (£) reports that Cameron’s attempt to win over his backbenchers is failing. It says David Cameron is “facing a struggle to persuade more than half of Conservative MPs into supporting gay marriage in the most divisive vote of his leadership.”

It adds: “Opposition to gay marriage had dominated [MPs’] postbags”, and “Ministers are also expected to vote against it in droves. One told The Times: ‘I don’t believe in it anyway, but if I did I would still be mad to vote for it given the mood on the ground.’”

Even Mr Cameron’s mother has been asked why her son is pushing such an unpopular policy. According to the Daily Telegraph, she responded: “I know, but David just won’t be told.” Exactly. He won’t listen – not to the voters, not to his own party, not even to his own mother it seems.