Government anti-terror plans could criminalise same-sex marriage opponents

Oct 1, 2015

The Government’s proposed counter-extremism strategy could hit those who object to same-sex marriage, according to an Assistant Editor of The Daily Telegraph.

Philip Johnston argues that the counter-extremism Bill making its way through Parliament has such a wide definition of ‘extremism’ that “it is hard to imagine that it will not inhibit free speech”.

He said that opposition to same-sex marriage is “now considered hateful and potentially criminal.”

He wrote: “True, the proposed definition of extremist views is intended to stop radical Islamist preachers influencing a new generation of potential terrorists, but it is so widely drawn that it will inevitably ensnare the wrong people.

“How long, for instance, before someone who expresses opposition to same-sex marriage is arraigned under the law?”

C4M has long warned that traditional marriage supporters are being marginalised and mistreated, following the 2013 vote on same-sex marriage.

Critics of the new orthodoxy are labelled bigots and are increasingly pressurised to accept same-sex marriage or face legal or financial penalties.

Equating opposition to gay marriage with extremism will only serve to amplify their mistreatment.

Our country was formed on a basis which respects the free exchange of ideas. The right to live peacefully with your neighbour, while having the freedom to disagree with him on many issues.

When a Government starts to dictate which ideas are acceptable and which are not, you have a real problem.