Oct 16, 2018

The Government is facing increasingly vocal opposition to its harmful plans to change the 2004 Gender Recognition Act in England and Wales.

Over the weekend, almost 200 academics and artists penned an open letter (scroll to ‘Let a woman speak’) objecting to the way women’s concerns about the plans are being silenced. Signatories include feminists as well as trans people, united in their dismay at this intolerance:

We believe the right to discuss proposed changes to the law is fundamental in a democratic society. Public authorities, academic institutions, unions and NGOs should be facilitating discussions and protecting the rights of people to take part in them without harassment or intimidation. We find it troubling that institutions have not condemned these actions and in some cases have expressed support for them.

Meanwhile, a ComRes poll of MPs found that 59% are worried by the increase in children saying they’re transgender. But 54% felt they couldn’t speak freely on trans issues for fear of being accused of transphobia.

These developments come just two weeks after prominent LGBT activists were among those criticising Stonewall, the leading LGBT rights group, for shutting down debate.

All this good news means there is widespread scepticism about the Government’s proposals. If we add our voices to the chorus of dissent, there’s every chance the worst aspects can be stopped.

The consultation closes on Friday (19th) at 23.00. You can respond here, using our guide here.