Mar 11, 2024

In a landslide defeat for the Irish Government, last Friday voters rejected plans to undermine constitutional protections for marriage. The Government proposed changing the Constitution to equate marriage with other “durable relationships”. It also recommended scrapping national safeguards that specifically protect stay-at-home mums (the ‘care amendment’).

But in resounding defeats for the liberal campaign, 68% voted against the ‘durable relationships’ amendment and 74% against the care amendment. The latter was the largest ‘no’ vote in Irish history and saw the plans defeated in every constituency.

This was despite ‘yes’ votes being strongly backed by the Irish Government and large swathes of the Irish Press, and despite being predicted to win in every major poll.

The results are a victory for common sense. Protections for marriage would have been applied to any ‘durable relationship’, as if marriage is simply one amongst many good options. It could have included anything from cohabitation to polygamy.

But we know real marriage is unrivalled. It is the only “durable” relationship type and is consistently shown to be best for adults and children. And we’re delighted Government attempts to tear up protections for stay-at-home mums also came a cropper.

This resounding double defeat shows the liberal intelligentsia are wildly out of touch with the electorate. It also shows the importance of campaigning, even when the odds are against us!

At C4M, we celebrate the categorical defeat of the Irish Government and call on legislatures everywhere to uphold the unique benefits of marriage.