Sep 27, 2019

One of the pioneers of gender theory has admitted that he and his colleagues “basically just made it up”.

In an article in online magazine Quillette, former gender historian Christopher Dummitt explains how he and his fellow academics simply ignored the innate differences between men and women. In this way they “proved” that “sex was wholly a social construct”.

What”s worse, everyone was at it. “Everyone was (and is) making it up. That”s how the gender-studies field works”, he confesses. Over the past 30 years, whole university departments have been taken over by subjects like “gender history” and “gender studies”, which perpetuate the fiction that sex is not a “biological reality”.

Disagreeing with this nonsense is increasingly being regarded by our society as “tantamount to hate speech”. It’s also being used to push all kinds of dangerous ideas to school children.

The peer review process, far from providing a check on this groupthink, only made it worse. It was no better than a “form of ideological in-group screening”.

Dr Dummitt says that “critics of the social constructionists are right to raise their eyebrows at the so-called proof presented by alleged experts”.

At C4M we raise more than an eyebrow. Marriage is about a man and a woman committing to one another for life. The evidence shows this is best for men, women and children – no matter what an expert in ‘gender studies’ might say.