Education Secretary has ‘fight of her life’ to keep seat

Dec 10, 2014

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan faces a big fight to get re-elected as an MP after her U-turn on same-sex marriage and the introduction of education regulations, says C4M’s Colin Hart.

In September, Mrs Morgan brought in regulations promoting so-called ‘British values’. This has led to a private Christian school being told to invite leaders from other religions to lead assemblies and inspectors asking intrusive questions to schoolgirls at Orthodox Jewish schools.

In October she said she “probably would” vote differently on same-sex marriage, having previously opposed the legislation.

Nicky Morgan has a majority of 3,744 and C4M Campaign Director Colin Hart told The Sun: “Given the volume of emails and correspondence from voters in Loughborough saying they can no longer support their MP, it is clear Nicky Morgan faces the fight of her life for re-election.”

He also said: “Supporters of C4M have long memories and don’t like their views being ignored.

“Claiming you don’t do crazy political correctness before making a cynical U-turn and introducing the new schools regs which are being used to beat up Christian and Jewish schools strengthens that belief.”