Jun 25, 2021

Stonewall appears to be on a disturbing mission to eliminate sex and gender in schools, and our children will be the ones who suffer under this extreme ideology.

In the name of supporting “transgender children”, the controversial LGBT lobby group has told schools wanting to win its bronze, silver and gold awards that they should stop saying “boys and girls” but should say “learners” instead; they should remove all “unnecessarily gendered language” from their policies; and they should teach primary school children to use “they/them” as a pronoun.

Uniform policies should “give the option to wear a skirt as well as the option to wear trousers”, guidance documents state. Schools should “avoid dividing learners by gender” in the classroom, in uniform code, in sports or in anything else; teachers should not use “boy, girl, boy, girl” when lining pupils up; and there should be no hint of “gendered language” when discussing hair, make-up and piercings.

The charity – which has recently seen an organisational exodus from its diversity scheme over its extreme position on transgender rights and its intolerance of those who disagree – even goes so far as to tell schools that they should permit a “trans child or young person” to use whichever toilets or changing rooms they feel “most comfortable with”. It claims, erroneously, that “under the Equality Act (2010) a trans child or young person can use the toilets and changing rooms that match their gender”.

Confusing children with this unscientific nonsense has to stop. There are good reasons to distinguish between boys and girls in school, including for the sake of privacy, safety and fairness. Children should be helped to understand the world properly and not grow up confused and disoriented by biology-denying ideology.

All people should be treated with respect, whatever their beliefs, but the harm being done to children supposedly for the sake of helping a tiny minority needs to be halted. Our children look to us to take care of them and help them to understand how the world really works, and they deserve better than this.