“Debanked” for answering a question

Jul 8, 2023

Revd Richard Fothergill is the latest victim of harmful cancel culture after having the temerity to express concern at his bank promoting dangerous LGBT ideology to children. I had a chance to speak to him about what happened and the impact this has had.

Revd Fothergill was a customer of Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) for 17 years. Yet he found his account closed just days after he responded to the building society’s request for feedback with polite criticism of its pro-LGBT messaging during ‘Pride’ month. YBS claimed their relationship had “irrevocably broken down” and cited a “zero tolerance approach to discrimination”.

This incident is one of several that have led to urgent calls for changes in financial regulations to protect customers from what is being dubbed banking “cancel culture”.

C4M campaigned vigorously for the current legal protections that safeguard marriage supporters from discrimination for expressing their belief in real marriage. It would be outrageous if banks start to behave as if their internal mission to promote political ideologies outweighs their legal obligation to provide essential services.

We will keep a close eye on the situation and will continue to advocate for freedom of expression and fairness throughout society and particularly for real marriage supporters.