David Cameron given university’s highest award for same-sex marriage support

Aug 25, 2015

David Cameron’s support for same-sex marriage was controversial. It was controversial among fellow Tories, national newspapers and most notably among the 669,444 people who signed C4M’s petition.

But for De Montfort University in Leicester, his stance is something worth celebrating.

The institution has conferred its highest honour on the Prime Minister for his “courageous” support for same-sex marriage at a ceremony at 10 Downing Street.

Outlining the reasons for their decision, the university said the Prime Minister had an “unswerving commitment to same-sex marriages” and showed “moral courage and leadership”.

The event was attended by a 40-strong delegation from the university, but one LGBT group from De Montfort is not happy.

A spokesman said it was “unfair” for Cameron to be the “focal point”.

“It is important to note that David Cameron had, in the past, opposed LGBT rights”, the spokesman added.