Feb 18, 2015

Ireland is in danger of “groupthink” over the issue of same-sex marriage, a Roman Catholic Bishop has warned.

Ahead of May’s referendum on redefining marriage, Bishop Denis Nulty said that Irish people could easily think that “we are the last place on the planet to legalise same-sex marriage” when actually only “18 out of 193 nations” have done so.

He said if you look at the Irish Parliament or the media “there’s a danger of groupthink”.

“Marriage has always recognised sexual differences. This is because society recognises the importance of the setting in which new human life, new members of society come into existence”, he said.

“It is of vital importance to society that the definition of marriage is protected, sustained and supported”, Bishop Nulty continued.

“No law or referendum can alter the true nature and meaning of marriage”.

In just three months time, the people of Ireland will have their chance to vote on changing marriage into something it is not.

We’re hoping individuals decide for themselves based on their firmly held beliefs, rather than bowing to misguided peer pressure.