Oct 7, 2023

Eddie was just 14 when he made a stand in school for beliefs around man-woman marriage. This would lead to him having to leave the school after severe intimidation. His school’s initial response? He should simply ‘toughen up’. Eddie’s compelling account is both distressing and inspiring. You can watch my full interview with Eddie (now 17) and his father here.

Eddie’s refusal to endorse the notion that “a four-year-old” can “change their sex” marked the onset of his trials. What ensued was more than theoretical disagreements. Confrontations were fanned by school initiatives to “tackle homophobia”, turning so aggressive they “extended to my own [front] door”, recalls Eddie.

Reporting these events to the school produced little relief. Eddie was essentially advised to ‘toughen up’. Given the absence of support, and facing alarming threats to his safety, Eddie felt compelled to leave the educational institution.

Eddie’s story is more than a tale of persecution; it is a testament to the fortitude that family and faith can offer. It is a call to uphold our values around real marriage in a climate that is increasingly hostile to them. Eddie’s resilience serves as a reminder that, with conviction and family support, it is possible to stand against the tide. And it shows why it’s so important that C4M exists, to speak up for man-woman marriage.

Supporters of C4M understand that advocating for real marriage is not a matter of simple preference, ideology, or prejudice. Rather, it is grounded in empirical evidence as the cornerstone of a thriving society.