Sep 13, 2019

Girl looking in mirror

“I’m a real live 22-year-old woman with a scarred chest and a broken voice and 5 o’clock shadow because I couldn’t face the idea of growing up to be a woman. That’s my reality.”

Cari Stella was encouraged to transition from female to male as a teenager. But only a few years later she came to see that this was not the solution to her problems. But by then it was too late – irreversible changes to her body had been made.

Cari is one of a number of former transgender people whose stories are highlighted by international speaker and author Ryan T Anderson in a video laying bare the shortcomings of the transgender movement.

In the video, Anderson explains that although transgenderism only affects a tiny number of people, transgender activists are increasingly making far-reaching demands of us all.

They demand, that we change what our children are taught in schools is true about sex and gender.

They demand we base access to toilets, changing rooms, showers, sports teams and more on ‘gender identity’ rather than biological sex. This allows men to gain access to private female spaces and compete unfairly against women in sporting contests.

They demand we affirm transgender confusions with our own words and actions even when we disagree. In New York City, intentionally ‘misgendering’ a person now carries a fine of up to a quarter of a million dollars.

All this for a condition which leading doctors in the field warn is leading to ‘serious, irreversible damage’ being done by our over-eager and misplaced interventions.

“No one would suggest that we give a high school girl struggling with anorexia liposuction,” says Anderson. “So why do they suggest we give a high school girl struggling with gender dysphoria testosterone?” Indeed.

As he explains, these young people need support to address the underlying causes of their struggles and help them feel comfortable in their body, not adult complicity in reinforcing their confusions.

Traditional marriage between a man and a woman is based on the scientific truth that human beings are male and female. This is a reality coded in our chromosomes that cannot be changed.

In promoting transgenderism to our children, our schools and politicians are lying to them and stealing their innocence.

At Coalition for Marriage we stand for the truth about men, and women, and marriage.