Cameron is now a ‘marriage wrecker’ as Bill moves to Lords

May 21, 2013

As the same-sex marriage Bill progressed from Commons to the Lords, campaign director of the Coalition for Marriage, Colin Hart, said: “This Bill is no longer about redefining marriage, it’s now about wrecking marriage.

“The addition of Labour’s £4bn idea to open up civil partnerships to heterosexuals proves what we’ve always said, this Bill will unravel and undermine marriage.

“A civil partnerships free-for-all will create two-tier marriage, with the option of marriage-lite for millions of unwed couples.

“If he thinks he got a rough ride in the Commons, just wait for the Lords. It will be a long, protracted battle which will only remind the voters that the Government isn’t listening.

“Cameron once said he’s a ‘marriage man’. No, he’s a marriage wrecker.”