British values enforcer suggests it’s illegal to voice opposition to same-sex marriage

Sep 22, 2015

Do you believe same-sex marriage is wrong? OK, well that’s your business. Want to actually say that out loud? Hmm…that could be illegal.

The suggestion comes from a startling interview on BBC Radio 4 with British values monitor Polly Harrow.

Harrow, who works at a college in Huddersfield as the Head of Safeguarding and Prevent, said the British values strategy is seeking “not just tolerance but acceptance of difference and others”.

Questioned about whether she would accept someone’s view that homosexuality is wrong, Harrow gave a chilling answer:

“If that’s what you think and that’s what you believe and you want to hold that in your head, that is your business and your right but bear in mind that if you speak it out loud you might be breaking the law.”

So if that’s what she has to say about homosexuality generally, what about if someone expresses opposition to same-sex marriage?

Or, to put it another way, what if someone voices support for the centuries-old definition of marriage as solely between one man and one woman?

If this is how the Government’s counter-extremism strategy is being enforced on the ground, then it makes for disturbing listening.

Not just for those college students in Huddersfield, but for supporters of marriage between one man and one woman all across the UK.