Bigot slur used to ‘close down discussion’ – Bishop Nazir-Ali

Apr 21, 2015

C4M supporter Rt Rev Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, is reported in the Telegraph online today saying: “I think words like ‘bigot’ are often used to close down discussion on important issues.”

Bishop Michael’s comments perfectly articulate what so many supporters of traditional marriage are already experiencing. That is, to hold a view opposed to same-sex marriage is to risk being ostracised or worse.

And if you think that’s an overreaction, take a look at 30 cases of people being punished for their stance on marriage – many of them in the UK.

The Bishop said: “I think what people should do rather is to set out their argument and what the Coalition for Marriage is doing is setting out the argument that marriage between a man and a woman is a vital social institution for the sake of the good of society and the continuation of society.

“This is a perfectly valid argument, if people have something to say against it they should present their argument not close down discussion with words like ‘bigot’.”

“It was never in the manifestos at the last election, it was never in a Queen’s Speech, the consultation that was produced said that the question was not about whether or when but how,” he said.

“So all this means that people have questions to answer and they should answer them.”