Ashers to appeal ‘gay cake’ decision this week with widespread support

Feb 2, 2016

This week, Ashers Baking Company mount their appeal against a Belfast court’s decision to fine them for refusing to promote same-sex marriage.

Ashers was taken to court by the taxpayer-funded Equality Commission for Northern Ireland because it turned down an order for a cake with a pro-gay marriage campaign slogan.

The owners of the bakery, the McArthur family, are appealing the decision saying: “We continue to insist that we have done nothing wrong as we have discriminated against no individual but rather acted according to what the Bible teaches regarding marriage.”

The so-called ‘gay cake’ case has had widespread media coverage since the ruling last year and the McArthur family have had support from some very high profile names.

Only yesterday, prominent gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said he had changed his mind, and that the court got the original ruling wrong.

And you will remember that last year Sir Patrick Stewart, of Star Trek fame, said that he is ‘on the side of the bakers’.

What’s increasingly clear is that the family have won in the court of public opinion.

Most people realise that it is wrong to force somebody to endorse a cause with which they fundamentally disagree.

Around the world millions of people believe strongly in traditional marriage and they should be able to hold that belief without fear of legal and financial repercussions.

We continue to support this family in their brave stand for marriage and wish them well with their appeal.
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