Ashers: ‘Support same-sex marriage’ Supreme Court hearing is over

May 4, 2018

Daniel and Amy McArthur

The Ashers hearing has finished at the Supreme Court. After two days of legal argument, the five judges have adjourned to consider their ruling. A decision is expected before the end of the year.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK where same-sex marriage is illegal. Despite that, action was taken against Ashers bakery for failing to fulfil an order for a gay marriage campaign cake. The taxpayer-funded Equality Commission for Northern Ireland has spent £150,000 pursuing the bakery in the courts.

There is a simple issue in this case. Should the law compel someone to endorse a message with which they fundamentally disagree? The public overwhelmingly say NO. Yet a quango is willing to spend phenomenal sums of money to silence a family-run bakery that believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.

We need to stand together against those who would take away our free speech.

With your support, Coalition for Marriage will continue to be a sensible but firm voice in standing up for true marriage in our society.