Ashers’ owners stress profound importance of ‘gay cake’ case

May 9, 2016

Daniel McArthur, of Ashers Baking Company, has said the ‘gay cake’ case is of profound importance as his family return to court to appeal last year’s ruling against them.

Speaking outside the Court of Appeal this morning, Mr McArthur said: “This has never just been about one little bakery in Belfast. It’s clear that its always had implications for freedom of expression throughout the UK.”

He pointed out that it was exactly two years ago that his family were asked to “help promote a campaign to redefine marriage in Northern Ireland” by baking a cake with a slogan saying ‘Support Gay Marriage’.

He added: “We never imagined that two years later we would find ourselves still living with the consequences of that request.

“We never imagined that the Equality Commission would try to force us to promote that campaign. Or that the County Court would agree with them.

“So we’re here again today, and we’re hoping this court will rule that we are not required to endorse a view that goes against our conscience.”

Last week Dr Sharon James of Coalition for Marriage said: “It cannot be right for small firms to be compelled to use their creative skills to endorse the campaign for same-sex marriage, or indeed any campaign to which they are conscientiously opposed.

“I am looking forward to the court finding in favour of Ashers Baking Company and the McArthur family.”

The appeal hearing will take place over the next four days. A previous hearing scheduled for February was delayed following a last-minute intervention from the Attorney General.

Daniel McArthur said the intervention “confirms there are big issues at stake”.

C4M wish the family all the best this week as they make a stand for marriage.