Article: Sinister transgender reforms are an assault on children

Nov 8, 2017

For those who are interested here is an extract from an article I have written for the Conservative Woman blog covering the disastrous impact of the Government’s transgender programme on children:

Running through this legislative frenzy is a common idea: that the greatest burdens, under the new regime, must be borne by those least able to carry them. This might be the abused woman who finds men in the domestic violence shelter or the rape crisis centre, or the NHS patient whose operation funding is absorbed by the transgender womb operations being proposed by experts in the weekend papers.

This burden is particularly heavy for children. The determination to target the young and innocent, to sexualise them before puberty, to desensitise them to extremes of adult sexual behaviour, to corrupt them, is in my view evil.

Children find sights like this, a ‘satanic drag queen’ at work in an American library, terrifying because they thrive on familiarity and routine. The adults in charge of your children find them so inspirational that a London nursery network is importing the ‘drag queen story time’ wholesale from the States. They are mad, or worse.

There are enough bad people in the world for parents to worry about. They should not need to be in constant fear of bad government too.

The full article is available here: