Andrew Marr: Redefining marriage may be to Cameron what fox hunting was to Blair

Mar 5, 2012

The BBC’s Andrew Marr said on his Sunday morning TV show that redefining marriage may dog David Cameron’s time in Number 10 like the hunting ban did during Tony Blair’s years in office. Marr made the connection after Cardinal O’Brien wrote a strongly-worded article in The Sunday Telegraph attacking the government’s gay marriage plans.

Today, the Daily Telegraph carries an editorial warning the government that the issue will be deeply divisive. And The Sun points to the 100,000 who have signed Coalition for Marriage petition so far.

A consultation on the plans is expected to be published later this month. The government has said it will be a ‘how, not if’ consultation – leading to criticism that they are redefining marriage without even asking the people.

Tony Blair later regretted his decision to bulldoze ahead with the hunting ban. Will David Cameron repeat the same mistake with redefining marriage?