Amanda Platell: Vilified for daring to fight for marriage

Feb 27, 2012

In her Daily Mail column on Saturday, Amanda Platell makes some fair points about the debate on redefining marriage. She highlights the intolerant campaign of vilification against those who have spoken in support of traditional marriage. The Archbishop of York received hate mail, some of a racist nature. David Burrowes MP has also been on the receiving end of a hate campaign. In fact, he has even received a death threat for his stance.

This campaign of hatred and intolerance is completely at odds with how ordinary, decent people think about the issue. Amanda Platell says: “An opinion poll carried out last month showed that 86 per cent of people believe it is possible to be both tolerant of the rights of others and protective of traditional marriage values.”

She reminds her readers that, when civil partnerships were introduced the public was told that marriage would be unaffected. She criticises the Prime Minister for overturning all that, calling it a “cynical exercise to try to rebrand the Tory Party.”