Africa defies western assault on family values

Jun 3, 2023

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Judy Green, an advocate for traditional marriage values in East Africa.

In our discussion, Judy shared her deep concerns about the subtle imposition of liberal Western ideologies on African societies through the aid provided by Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). These NGOs often come, Judy says, bearing “money with strings attached”, with the ‘strings’ being the propagation of non-traditional views around marriage, sex, and gender. These values, Judy tells me, are in stark contrast with Africa’s largely conservative culture.

Judy emphasises the importance of protecting Africa’s respect for family and traditional values from these external influences. She explained the shock and disapproval many Africans feel towards liberal concepts being introduced by the West.

Central to our discussion was the crucial role of education in shaping future generations. Judy warns about the shaping of young, impressionable minds, saying, “whatever you input in there is what is going to come out later in life”, highlighting the need for a curriculum that reinforces the sanctity of traditional marriage and family values. She also expressed the need to remain vigilant, advising parents to “check [their] children’s homework” to ensure alignment with their cultural and moral beliefs.

Despite these challenges, Judy remains hopeful and focused on the path ahead. She sees the power of individual voices in this battle, saying, “when you speak out … your voice is important”. Her message is a call to action for us all, to protect the sanctity of man-woman marriage.

C4M recognises that ideological challenges to traditional concepts of marriage, monogamy and gender are not confined to the UK alone. As Judy and numerous others have advocated, remaining vigilant and speaking out when necessary are crucial steps in this fight. By ensuring our children are educated about the authentic benefits of real marriage, we can confidently look forward to a future where these values triumph.