Aaron Edwards – Sacked for supporting real marriage

Jun 10, 2023

Aaron Edwards, a former Bible college lecturer, is paying a high personal and professional price for standing up for traditional man-woman marriage. Sacked for publicly expressing his views about same-sex marriage and the Church, he experienced an ordeal that was “shockingly difficult,” and left him in tears as his career crumbled around him.

In this candid interview, Aaron speaks of how he got fired for pointing out that there was ideology creeping into the Church. His dismissal and public denouncement by the Methodist Church’s Cliff College left him grappling with the raw reality of his decision to stand up for his convictions.

Yet Aaron remains undeterred, even in the face of these challenges. “What we’re allowed to say from the Bible unashamedly … gets minimised every year,” he warns, pointing out that the encroaching tide of “progressive secularism in our culture will try to make you feel fearful”.

Despite the hardship, Aaron remains steadfast. His commitment to the sanctity of real marriage is inspiring. He is driven by a firm belief in living a principled life, stating: “You’ve got one life … live it with integrity”.

Aaron is on a mission to “encourage more people to speak out” because these issues “will come for you”. His bravery and resilience are a potent reminder that standing up for what you believe in, even when it’s unpopular or difficult, is essential.

At C4M, we applaud the stand being taken by Aaron and others like him. Those who are willing to put everything on the line in support of real marriage are a great encouragement to all of us to stand up and speak out wherever we can.