What does a tiny island need? Same-sex marriage of course!

Nov 12, 2015

C4M is gathering support in Guernsey, ahead of a vote by the island’s Parliament next month on redefining marriage.

The gay rights campaign group Liberate has been pressuring the Guernsey Government to bring in same-sex marriage – but using the latest data from the Office for National Statistics, there are an estimated 690 homosexual people living in Guernsey.

The BBC has reported Liberate’s Martin Gavet saying that they do not expect all faith groups to want to perform gay weddings immediately: does this mean they want everyone to accept same-sex marriage further down the line?

Many people believe that marriage should stay between one man and one woman.

C4M is encouraging all those in Guernsey who oppose a change in the law to speak up now before it’s too late.