Support traditional marriage? ‘You’re a bigot’

Apr 21, 2015

Sarah Wollaston, the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Totnes, has called C4M supporters “bigots” on her Twitter account.

Dr Wollaston tweeted her remarks after reading a C4M flyer highlighting that she had voted in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act – a matter of public record.

Clearly irked by us pointing out that she had ignored the views of huge numbers of local people when she backed a Bill for which the Coalition had no manifesto mandate, she responded “Thanks bigots, I’m proud of that vote!”

wollaston tweet

Apparently her regard for the democratic process does not extend to those who disagree with her. Presumably this also includes the 143 of her fellow Conservatives who voted against the Bill at Second or Third Reading.

Lazily casting slurs around seems to be becoming increasingly popular as a means of trying to discredit marriage supporters, but it won’t work. We’re proud of our stance on marriage.