Jul 14, 2021

LGBT lobby group Stonewall has come under fire from its own former supporters for its hardline stance on transgender rights and the way it pressures organisations into conformity with its extreme views.

The main focus of criticism is its “Workplace Equality Index”, which, as The Times says (£), is not “an acknowledgement of good employment practices in ensuring equality of opportunity”, but “a vehicle for promoting a particular stance on the issue of gender identity”.

A former Stonewall Ambassador has described the scheme (£) she was once part of as “vile” and “a monster”, while Stonewall founder Simon Fanshawe has said (£) it amounts to “coercion”.

Under the scheme, Stonewall has required organisations, including the Scottish Government and the Intellectual Property Office, to campaign for controversial changes to the law to avoid being penalised in the index. It has also required the elimination of ‘gendered terms’ like ‘mother’ and the opening up of single-sex spaces like toilets and changing rooms to people who self-identify as the opposite sex, despite concerns about women’s privacy and safety. The scheme rewards organisations which silence dissent among their employees.

Respect for the real differences between men and women underpins real marriage. While many of Stonewall’s new critics would not share our commitment to real marriage, at C4M we are happy to agree with them in calling for the corrosive power of Stonewall to be curbed before it undermines any further the importance of respect for biological sex.