Standing for ‘The Invincible Family’ – Interview with Kimberly Ells

May 20, 2023

I had the privilege of interviewing Kimberly Ells, author of the compelling book, ‘The Invincible Family: Why the Global Campaign to Crush Motherhood and Fatherhood Can’t Win’. Our conversation unveiled a compelling yet critical narrative about the deliberate efforts to disrupt traditional family values and the pressing need to address them.

Kimberly underscores a global agenda that seeks to sexualise children at an early age, and systematically dethrone mothers, detaching them from their offspring. She goes on to elucidate the threats posed by policies and ideologies that have invaded every sphere of our lives.

Nevertheless, in the face of these challenges, Kimberly remains optimistic. She passionately believes in the invincibility of the family unit, describing it as a “brilliant institution”. When parents take charge, she says, the family becomes an unshakeable pillar.

Reflecting on her call to action, Kimberly emphasises: “Let’s make those seeds that are sown in our children’s hearts … be sown by us and nobody else”. These powerful words reiterate the critical role parents play in shaping their children’s values and beliefs, and the importance of not surrendering that responsibility.

C4M supporters know that marriage leads to strong families and strong families build strong nations. We call on the Government to distance itself from efforts to sexualise children from a young age and demean the fundamentally important role of mothers and fathers.