Relationships and Sex Education: a guide to the call for evidence

Jan 19, 2018

Today we launch our guide on responding to the call for evidence on Relationships and Sex Education and PSHE in England.

The guide summarises why the call for evidence is important and how to respond, and provides some points you may wish to consider in your answers.

You can help protect children

Please share the link with parents and other interested parties. It is vital that many people speak up to protect the teaching of marriage, the role of parents and the innocence of young children.

In particular, we believe that parents should have the right to withdraw primary school age children from Relationships Education classes.

We also believe they should be consulted on the materials to be used by the school, or at the very least have the right to review them before lessons begin.

Equally importantly, marriage should be taught in secondary schools as the ‘gold-standard’ for adult relationships, not simply one option amongst many.

The deadline for responses to the consultation is Monday 12th February. Please do respond.