Redefining marriage leaflets to every Eastleigh home

Feb 18, 2013

Every home in the Eastleigh constituency will receive a leaflet this week (starting today, Monday 18 Feb) giving ten reasons why the Government’s plans for redefining marriage are wrong.

View a copy of the leaflet:

About 80,000 leaflets are being distributed by the Coalition for Marriage (C4M), as part of our national campaign which has seen C4M and its activists distribute over two million leaflets in dozens of locations across the country.

C4M spokesman, Mike Judge, said: “The Government has no public mandate for steaming ahead with redefining marriage.

“It wasn’t a manifesto commitment of any major party, it wasn’t in the Programme for Government, and the official consultation was a sham which threw 500,000 legitimate responses in the bin.

“If marriage is redefined, top lawyers say ordinary people with sincere beliefs about traditional marriage will be treated like outcasts. Teachers and others who work in the public sector will be forced to toe the line or face the sack.

“The public wants the Government to fix the economy, not meddle with marriage. The Coalition for Marriage is informing ordinary people about this issue and giving them a voice.”