Red Cross volunteer axed after 18 years service for holding ‘No Same Sex Marriage’ sign

Nov 3, 2014

C4M is supporting Bryan Barkley, dismissed by the British Red Cross after 18 years service as a volunteer, for holding up a sign saying “No Same Sex Marriage”.

Read the report in the Daily Mail, Saturday, 1 November 2014

Over those 18 years Mr Barkley worked on 84 cases helping to track down missing persons and reunite families torn apart by conflict. Earlier this year he was invited to attend the British Red Cross garden party at Buckingham Palace.

But on the very same day he was at the Palace representing them, the local Operations Director wrote to Mr Barkley calling him to a meeting to discuss whether his views of same-sex marriage were “in line” with their ‘neutral’ position.

The meeting took place because in March of this year, on the day the first same-sex marriages took place, Mr Barkley held up a sign outside Wakefield Cathedral with the words “No Same Sex Marriage”.

The outcome of the meeting was that his opportunity to volunteer with the Red Cross was withdrawn on the grounds that Mr Barkley’s position was not “compatible” with the movement’s fundamental principles and values.

The dismissal was stated to be “permanently and with immediate effect” although he would have the right to appeal. The date for an appeal is yet to be set despite being requested almost a month ago.

C4M is supporting Bryan Barkley as it has others attacked for standing up for their beliefs about marriage. People should not feel pressurised to go along with same-sex marriage just because of misguided political correctness. They should be free to peacefully express their views, as Mr Barkley did. Of course the Red Cross does good work, but in this case they have lost all sight of basic personal freedom. They can’t make people believe what they don’t believe.

The Red Cross mustn’t be allowed to sack volunteers or staff just because they believe in traditional marriage.