Psychiatrist speaks up for marriage

Jun 17, 2023

Dr Nick Land is an experienced psychiatrist and former medical director of a large mental health organisation. We spoke about the psychology of marriage, sex and culture. Dr Land shares invaluable wisdom about the importance of real marriage and the path to a stronger marital bond.

In a world where freedom of speech is reaching “near death”, Dr Land says traditional perspectives on marriage often face marginalisation. He warns of society’s fragmentation as a power grab, with a liberal façade hiding illiberal tendencies. Yet amidst this chaos, he holds firm in his belief that marriage remains one of our most precious gifts. Marriage, he explains, exists to “provide stability in society, to limit the impact of evil, and to work for the good of humanity”.

The psychiatrist points to “expressive individualism” as a key threat undermining these vital purposes. It is in this context that he reveals a stark fact: “There is evidence that the more sexual partners you have before you get married, then the more difficult it is for you to stay married”. He asserts that, “If you’ve only had sex with the person you marry then … your marriage is more likely to survive”. Dr Land emphasised that teaching children about the significance of commitment becomes critical in fostering the stability of marriages, which is especially vital for children’s well-being.

Dr Land’s conversation serves as a clarion call to maintain the sanctity of man-woman marriage in a rapidly changing society. His perspectives inspire hope and provide practical advice on strengthening marital relationships. This illuminating discussion is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding and upholding the values of real marriage.