Pride: The anti-marriage platform

Jun 29, 2023

June is Pride Month. You can’t have missed it. Every bank, company and shop seems to have adorned their logo and storefront in the ever-growing colours of the LGBT+ rainbow. You may think that such flagrant displays show Pride is apolitical, but this is far from the truth.

The Pride movement cannot be separated from its political positions, and we’ve produced a briefing to show this. Pride movements across the country have declared support for both same-sex marriage and gender self-ID.

The sexualisation and aggression of Pride events is growing, with men attending in bondage gear and gender-critical feminists (who believe you cannot change your sex) being harassed and removed.

More and more Pride initiatives are hijacking services for children to promote their agenda. Schools have hosted Pride days, encouraging pupils to turn up in drag. And the licence-fee-funded kids’ channel CBBC has aired programmes featuring a ‘Rainbow Eye Makeup Tutorial’ and ‘Non-Binary Dancers discussing their experiences’.

Pride claims to be for “everyone”. Yet even people it claims to be representing – like co-founder of the first Pride March Fred Sargeant and lesbian campaigner Julie Bindel – are distancing themselves from the events, as our briefing shows.

To accept Pride is to make a political statement that you support same-sex marriage and gender self-ID. This means that people should be free to not display a Pride flag or poster in the same way that they should be free to not display a Tory Party campaign poster. At C4M, we believe marriage is between one man and one woman for life, and therefore we wholeheartedly reject the Pride movement for its political declarations on same-sex marriage and gender self-ID. We continue to fight for an individual’s right to reject promotions of Pride and to stand up for real marriage between a man and a woman.