Mar 27, 2021

That’s the conclusion of the ‘Family Structure Still Matters’ report for a leading think tank. C4M commented on this last summer.

Today I catch up with the report’s author, Sophia Worringer, in a ground-breaking interview.

You can watch the discussion here.

Hear why promoting marriage should spearhead Government plans to tackle crime prevention and child poverty.

Sophia explains that data clearly shows growing up with a married mum and dad provides “stark” advantages over cohabitation.

Children growing up in married households experience better mental health, more chance of escaping poverty, less violence and aggression, lower levels of drug and alcohol addiction, and reduced likelihood of involvement in crime.

The benefits extend to mums and dads in marital relationships too.

So why, she asks, are politicians still getting married at very high rates, but not recommending it to other people who could do with the advantages marriage brings?

At C4M, we know real marriage is best for children, best for adults, and best for society in general. If they’re honest our politicians know it too, and it’s about time they said so.