Photos: Corby deluged with C4M leaflets ahead of by-election

Nov 13, 2012

This week, supporters of the Coalition for Marriage will deluge the Northamptonshire constituency with tens of thousands of leaflets making the case for the current definition of marriage.

The leaflet, called ‘10 Reasons why the Government is Wrong to Redefine Marriage‘, sets out to dispel the arguments being used by the Government.

Colin Hart, Campaign Director of C4M, said: “This week we are in Corby to show once and for all that Government plans to redefine marriage are unpopular, a vote loser and loaded with serious consequences.”

He added: “Ordinary people in places like Corby want action on the economy and public services, not meddling with marriage. Nearly 500 Corby voters who have joined our campaign tell us that they don’t want marriage to be redefined. I think people are fed up with politicians messing around with side issues while ordinary families struggle to make ends meet.

“It’s time for senior politicians – particularly Mr Cameron, Clegg and Osborne – to get a grip and start talking about the issues that really matter, like reviving the economy, not redefining marriage.”

As one voter, Ray Smith, told us: “I have been a Conservative voter all my life, but made it clear to someone who rang me from them that their determination to redefine marriage would mean that I would not be voting for them this time, nor for the other two main parties because of the fact that they hold the same position…I hope to attend a meeting hosted by the UKIP candidate (Margot Parker) when I intend to ask what their position is on this matter.”