Apr 20, 2021


Author Patricia Morgan speaks about how, after publishing her research-focused book The Marriage Files, she received death threats.

Having written for national newspapers on “politically incorrect areas that maybe are not investigated enough”, Patricia went on to work with the Centre for Policy Studies, and the Institute of Economic Affairs, around family related research and policy matters.

Still with strong opinions, she reflects on current “mob crazes… flooding into education and schools” that are a “denial of reality”.

Unwilling to give in to “cancel culture”, she says we must “claw back rights to discussion, to debate”.

Reflecting on how “old fashioned conservatives” were “very pro-family back then”, now, she says, there’s ‘nobody in authority to rely on’.

Patricia gives her solutions to what she calls society’s “lost general purpose”. The silent majority must ‘voice their opinions’ by writing to their representatives and getting involved themselves.

For virtue signalling Government departments, shops and corporations “joined up with identity groups”, she says we should tell them they “depend on us as well”, and “don’t let them get away with it”.